Truth Preparation     

A. Emotional: Things that are purely from the heart, no mental interference.

A.Emotional: Things that are purely from the heart, no mental interference.

1.     3 things you always wanted to do as a child


2.     3 things that make you laugh


3.     3 things you love


4.     3 things you believe in  


5.     3 favorite qualities in a person


B. Pragmatic: Things that stand in your way, next to you and behind you. 


1.     3 things that inhibit your expression


2.     3 fears that are unfounded


3.     3 things that you wish you could change


4.     3 things you would never change


5.     3 spiritual principles that matter to you


6.     3 things that you can rely on


7.     3 things you are content with


C. Current situation: Generally speaking, whatever comes to mind


1.     3 main emotions that govern your daily life


2.     3 habits you enjoy


3.     3 habits that don’t serve you


4.     3 opinions about your personal appearance


5.     What do you NOT want to do anymore


6.     3 words to describe your career/employment


7.     3 words to describe how you relate to others


D. Future situation: If answers don’t come up easily, just move on.


1.     3 traits you want to be known for


2.     3 goals to accomplish


3.     3 things to relinquish


4.     3 thoughts that govern your moment of death

E. What is your heart calling you to do? Just write down all  that you desire.




These questions are not meant to be life shattering. The aim is to just crack open the lid to begin honest conversations with yourself. Or, at least to notice, that self-honesty is difficult. Over time you will become a witness to your behavior, slowly able to control your reactivity and happiness. We so often want to transform ourselves at the soul level without acknowledging or expiating the corporeal crap, bad habits and infantile ideologies that hold us fast.


It’s unreasonable to try to purify a river, if you simultaneously keep dumping waste into it. So, first things first, recognize your beliefs and behavior. Then, a whole new world awaits to fill with truth. These getting to know yourself self-surveys were how I started on my journey towards a more resolved self. And they worked out very well.


Please come back often as I will post more specific and strategic self-studies over time taken from “Wife of a Master.” Please share and like these pages as this is how our world operates to gain visibility to make our offerings and ultimately contribute to making the world a better place for all of us.


Let’s grow together. Thank you.