Self Study Questionnaires - Use these free questionnaires to clarify what you think you know about yourself.  Most of these surveys are constructed to support spontaneous responses. The moment we begin to think about our response the veil of judgement and reason distorts our truth. Maybe have a 1/2 glass of wine or a joint to loosen yourself up so the answers slip off your tongue with the ease of an ice cube on a hot plate. But don't get sloppy, that just impedes progressiveness. Loosen up and have fun. 




I often receive unrequested advice from my higher self.  Frequently, it scolds me with its lighthearted sarcasm for some indulgence or misstep. It is such a forthright love, all my objections get pressed flat into a smooth and crystal clear resolve. I love her. As I evolve, my #awareness expands enabling me to observe my internal dialogue and curtail my usual self-sabotage. But in those moments when I teeter on the brink, she still shows up for me and presents not just healthy alternatives, but she cuddles me up in #self-love. 


The first time I put one of her spontaneous questionnaires to paper was in my first book, Wife of a Master. It’s rather raw, but it instigated an empowering series for a self-reflective workbook that helped deconstruct many childhood traumas and false beliefs. It kick started a new way to be with myself. A heightened #conscientiousness developed and from there progress was constant and measurable.


If you are on a journey of #self-improvement, I recommend you print out, rewrite or upload these questions on your device so that you can track and build upon your process over time. For optimal results, it is imperative that you don’t think about your response too long. It should come from your heart, not your mind. We are trying to trigger your true self, which is not meant to be reasoned with.


If you get stuck on a question, just move on to one that responds with spontaneity. Most importantly, keep it light, and have fun.


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How we begin our life, our first encounters, form the primordial soup from which our psyche evolves. By revisiting certain moments, we can decipher patterns that have either ravaged or supported us our entire lives. Once identified, we can then strategically sift through them with a fresh perspective determining their worth or in most cases, their incontrovertible sabotage of self. Once you’ve stopped slandering yourself about how stupid you were or how much time you’ve wasted, it is imperative you acknowledge it was just another stepping stone along your journey.  A challenging viewpoint to embrace, but what of great worth is ever easy?


In efforts to delve a bit deeper to extricate your #entanglement, there are a series of fundamental topics that are crucial for any person with a seeking spirit to address. These core issues of living are found in our primary relationships (family), our formal or informal education (school), our spiritual beliefs (religion) and our favorite demon for which an entire book could be dedicated, sex. Obviously, the complexity of life is far more adventurous, but I find the initial emotional experiences in these areas are quite formidable in their lifelong influence so are contained in these #exercises.


I recommend you either fill in the blanks or preferably, rewrite the questions in a journal or upload them on a device where you can elaborate and review them regularly. This will become a powerful tool for your #transformation.

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Personally, I don’t remember much before ten years old. That was the impetus to write my memoir, Wife of a Master. In this series we explore the various factors that create ones beliefs, perceptions and #habits. Many of which we need to shed, others to recall and enrich. Overall, we are attempting to #elevate and hone  our consciousness to live unfettered by inner turmoil. Clearly, we can’t control or change others. As our society fragments and  becomes increasingly offensive, let's arm ourselves with the sword of #self realization by starting with the profundity that awaits with the simple art of  #recollection. These questions explore the environments you were saturated in as you developed your foundational beliefs. Places, just like people have their impact and should be regarded as well. Let's look at a few together. Sometimes there are total blocks of memory in particular time frames. If you have trouble examining a certain question, take note. Don't linger upon it too long. Remember, these answers should be spontaneous.  Just move onto the next  one.  Address the ones that


display quick responses. What I found worked for me, was just to answer what I could quickly. As the memories, #honesty and #open mindedness were exercised more and more, other responses eventually revealed themselves when the time was right. Sometimes we instinctively know what our #psychology can handle. When I pondered a question too long I found myself fabricating an answer that I thought would fit into my idealized  picture. 

Beware of this pitfall. We humans are the wizards of life. We constantly conjure elixirs, stories and preferred fantasies into palatable outcomes. We are experts at lying. Particularly to ourselves so our lives can make more sense. Animals can’t even do this. Lucky beasts. So, when approaching a question that you find difficult to answer, I encourage you to first, acknowledge the discomfort, secondly, take a #deep breath and settle yourself, finally, say to yourself, “I request support from the universe to assist me in being totally truthful with myself so that I may accurately perceive the nuances of my emotional body and create new pathways for successful living.” Be deliberate in your request and say it however it suits you, but say it aloud. Since everything is made of #energy and vibration, the spoken word holds great power. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) 

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Our spiritual selves bear the delicate fibers that absorb powerful concepts holding us fast to the likes of guilt, #shame and condemnation. Remember, these ideas may have been initially imposed on an innocent child, but now as an adult it’s your choice to self-perpetuate them. You are not a #victim. You are a #creator. It is important to assess your mental behaviors and ensure that the beliefs you choose actually serve you. Religions should offer hope and guidance. The rest of the crap; creation myths, the fires of hell, separatism, guilt, fear and the like have no place in the realm of the holy. Return to your religious roots and extract that which honors you as the mini-god and wondrous creature you are, then live your life already, there’s not a moment to lose. Use these questions to clarify your beliefs and potentially create news ones for a more harmonious and satisfying future.

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As a brash, adventurous, highly sexualized young woman, sex was more of a performance art. It initiated you into another’s life including concepts of control, surrender, #power, manipulation and fortunately some fun. I consider #sex a very base, primal experience. But I also acknowledge the act as the ultimate divine right of humans. It is as holy as it is perplexing. Tantric sex practices have always intrigued me, as they use sex as a spiritual restorative rather than a biological expiration. I find it hilarious that women are invigorated after sex and men die a little. There’s so much to ponder about this contradictory subject. With all the #traumatic emotional congestion in our lives, I’ve yet to fathom the connotations of this topic fully. Perhaps the complexity of this topic warrants an entire book of its own. I’ve used the exercises in this section and realize that I can’t yet face aspects of it with complete honesty. No doubt it's my #ego being challenged.  I will continue to make effort and perhaps with more time, my truths will peer out from their dark corners and come out of hiding. In the meantime, explore these questions and explore what you think about what you think. 

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