Wife of a Master

"Everyday is a new opportunity to shed some bullshit and lighten your load.

Let's get to it." 

My schizophrenic memoir describes how to use one’s memories to reconstruct a healthier, empowered life.


Writing honestly and shamelessly, identifying and razing detrimental delusions, allowed me to crawl over on hands and knees to the other side

of survival and finally live upright.


As a vibrant artist and single mother from New York, I was thrown into the mire of Miami culture to confront a barrage of improbable circumstances. I battled this chapter of my life in the unresolved persona of wife to a Master of the traditional Chinese martial arts.


My integrity and determination to uphold a pure lineage, was enduring, but a double-edged sword that almost killed me.


What began as a journal of crisis and complaint had the power to thwart a nervous breakdown. It then unfolded into an impromptu psychoanalysis of sorts, damning, justifying then finally liberating itself.


This journey from childhood to Buddhahood gave birth to an insightful, user-friendly workbook that clarified, dismantled and reconstructed many of my detrimental belief systems, paving a path toward self-mastery.


I recommend everyone write an objective memoir to explore what you think you know about yourself. The storm of emotions will hopefully surprise you into action, shaping a new way to live.


Use the workbook questions from my book, which have been broken down on this site for your use. Let me know how you are doing as you go, I’m curious to hear your experience. I’m happy to lend some advice.


So get your diving helmet, we’re going deep.


Address your queries, comments or anything at all here, or on my facebook page, www.facebook/alavillanueva.com. 

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